How to Select a Tree Nursery is a blog site published by Big Tree Supply, a large tree nursery in Snohomish, WA, one of the largest in the Seattle area. One of our specialties is transplanting large trees.

So You Want a Tree?

So you want to get a tree planted in your landscape to gain the benefits of shade, beauty, privacy, temperature reduction, added green in your landscape, and more. How do you select a quality tree nursery? What are the most important points to look for?

Both new and experienced gardeners rely upon a well-run and informative nursery for all their tree and landscaping needs. Picking a tree nursery that is reputable and has healthy zone appropriate trees can be the key to a successful landscaping project.

What Characteristics Should a Tree Nursery Have

  • They should have a wide selection of trees for sale for you to look at for your landscape. The selection should include privacy trees, fall colors trees, deciduous trees, evergreen trees, spring flowering trees, and specimen trees.
  • They have both young and mature trees for you to choose from, and they can transplant either from their nursery to your landscape, including large trees. They know how to prepare the roots for the best chance of success in transplanting.
  • They have a lot of knowledge about trees and can advise you on the best tree selection for your landscape and situation.
  • They know and can advise you on what trees work best in your part of the country.
  • They can tell you the size and growth rate of different trees, plus their preference in how much light and water they need.
  • They have a good reputation in the community and have happy customers.
  • Ideally they have a website that has information on a wide variety of trees, including pictures, plus info on size and growth rate, sun and water needs, fall colors for deciduous trees, and flower characteristics.

Explore Big Trees Inc.

Big Trees Inc., located in Snohomish, WA and servicing the entire Seattle area, meets all these characteristics and more. Explore our Tree Finder, or come to our Snohomish location and explore the large inventory of a wide variety of tree types. On our main site you can read comments from our many happy customers. Once you selected a tree we can load it up on one of our trucks, deliver it to your location, and plant it for you.

Good luck for success on your tree planting projects.

This site will contain helpful articles on the subject of trees and landscaping, as well as news about Big Tree Supply. We also invite you to see our photo galleries, our tree inventory, and information on our planting service.