Big Trees Inc. Ships Big Blue Spruce to California

SNOHOMISH, WA: Big Trees Inc., (, a tree transplant and tree nursery company in the Seattle area, shipped a large Blue Spruce tree to Northern California, near San Francisco.

Big Trees was contacted over a year ago by a landscape coordinator for a city near San Francisco. The coordinator had a request for a large Blue Spruce, and Big Trees let him know about the 25’ tall Blue Spruce they had in their nursery. After a number of exchanges and discussions, the tree was shipped out to their location this week to be planted by their team.

Once the details and expenses were arranged and agreed on, a receiving date was set. Big Trees coordinated the appropriate USDA certifications to ship the tree into that region of California, and coordinated the trucking and trailer configuration. Their crews went to work digging and root-balling the tree a few days before the truck’s arrival, getting it ready to be loaded out. The tree dug out at a weight of 10,000 pounds, and had a root ball that was 6’x6’ wide, and 3’ deep. The tree was rigged and loaded onto the deck of the truck, where it was padded and arranged so as to resist much of the settling and impact a root ball can suffer on a long highway trip.

Nancy Penrose, owner of Big Trees Inc., stated “The Big Trees team worked hard to accommodate this interstate order, and from the office to the handling crew, everyone put their best effort and experience into making this a successful offering to our associates in the San Francisco area. The experience of sending out one of our large trees to a community states away is an exciting one for sure, and knowing that it will go on to have a new life in a different region, after it came close to being cut down a few years ago, is very rewarding.”

Nancy Penrose is the owner of Big Trees Inc. (, located in Snohomish, WA, in the Seattle area. The company is one of the largest tree nurseries in the Seattle area with over 120,000 trees available in over 300 varieties. They not only can deliver young trees but also mature trees in a wide range of sizes. Some types of trees available include spring flowering, deciduous, evergreen, and privacy trees. The company also does tree transplanting including large trees. Their blog can be seen at or at