Can Your Birch Trees Be Saved?

By Nancy Penrose

If you haven’t heard, a beetle named the bronze birch borer has been becoming pretty troublesome in parts of western and eastern Washington. They can be found wherever birch is grown and mostly attacks the Jacquemontii Birch. Due to birch tree plantings increasing, the insect is quickly expanding. If you know your birch tree has been affected, you know you need to do something, but what exactly should you do? Can your birch tree be saved or is cutting it down the only answer? Let’s find out below.

Can my birch tree be saved?

The short answer is yes. In many cases, birch trees can be saved from the bronze birch borer. Treatment such as soil drenches, bark spray, and trunk injection are all ways you can save your birch trees from the tree disease if the treatment is applied correctly.

Should I cut my birch tree down?

We always recommend doing what you can to save a tree before you cut it down. If your birch tree has been affected, you’ll need to consider the tree’s health, what value it brings to your home, and the price of the treatment. If you find that your tree’s value is less than the cost of treatment, then cutting it down may be a good solution.

Unsure of whether your tree has been affected or not? We can help! We offer tree inspections and spray treatments for birch trees if the tree is less than 30% gone. Just contact our tree specialist at (866) 313-2333 to get started.

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