Spring Checklist for Taking Care of Your Trees

By Nancy Penrose

Winter is almost over and spring is in sight! This means it’s time to start thinking about tree care for your trees and ensure they’re in tip-top shape for spring and summer. Below, you’ll find a mini-checklist of steps you can take to see if your tree is healthy and what to do if certain signs appear.

1. Inspect your trees and shrubs
Rainfall and melting snow can add more water than normal and you may encounter standing water. Pay attention to your trees; if anything looks unusual, make sure to contact a professional tree arborist to determine the care that might be needed.

2. Prune any dead branches
Proper pruning is a must in order to protect your big trees from any branches that got damaged from the winter weather. Not to mention, pruning will help protect your home, cars, family and passersby from damaged branches that could fall.

3. Think about if you want to plant new trees
Now is the time to start thinking about planting new trees. If you’ve decided to plant a new tree, spring is a great time to do so! We highly recommend hiring a tree installation professional to help you on planting your new trees because there are several factors that come into play, such as where to safely plant it, planting it at the proper depth, etc.

Spring is such a joyful time for many of us! Let’s make sure your trees are healthy and safe. We are professionally trained to inspect trees, give them their proper treatment and plant new trees. Just contact us at (866) 313-2333 and we can go over your specific needs.

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