How to Care for Young Trees in Winter

By Nancy Penrose

So, you recently placed two new trees in your front or back yard and you’re wondering how to keep them in good shape through the winter months. The first two years of a new tree’s life are vital and it’s important that you pay extra attention to them. Below, we’ve listed a few tree care tips for young trees in the winter months!

Add mulch around the trees trunk
New trees don’t respond very well to large temperature changes. This is where the mulch comes in! The mulch helps ensure the roots have a layer of protection from ground frost. Plus, it helps prevent the water in the soil from getting too cold.

Cover your new trees
Covering your new trees can help make sure they stay healthy and strong when conditions get rough. It can also help with sunscald, which is when the tree’s bark freezes and then becomes exposed to direct sunlight, leaving visible and permanent damage to the bark. The best time to cover your trees is when the temperature falls below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll also want to make sure the cover is large enough to reach the ground and staked down so that you can prevent heat loss.

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