Transplanted Trees At University Of Washington Thriving

Representative Of University Thanks Big Trees Inc. For Planting Trees On The Campus

SEATTLE, WA: Big Trees Inc., ( has learned that the previously planted trees at the University of Washington are doing very well in their new environment. The representative who contacted Big Trees Inc. thanked them for the installation of the trees in their new home.

The University and Big Trees Inc. collaborated on a project to move several trees on site and plant them in two new areas of the campus. Styrax (also known as Japanese Snowbell) trees were transplanted by the Fisheries Building at the University, and several Japanese White Pines were transplanted near George Washington Boulevard. A representative who contacted Big Trees Inc. stated the trees were doing very well in their homes, no trauma from the move had affected the trees, and the trees were adapting well in their new locations.

Ross Latham, head of sales and marketing at Big Trees Inc., stated “We’ve worked with the University of Washington in the past, on more projects than just this one, and we’re very glad that the trees planted are doing well and fit the University’s vision of the landscape they desired. And that the trees themselves continue to thrive is always a welcome sign of a successful transplant. We’re very pleased with the result. We definitely look forward to working with the University of Washington in the future.”

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